20 March 2015
Aadhaar is not entitlement but 'pure identity': DeitY Secretary R S Sharma

Aadhaar provides citizens with an identity, but it should not be confused with entitlements, Secretary of the Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY) Ram Sewak Sharma said at Skoch Summit here.

3 Sep 2014
Time to start VRS with Planning Commission

There has been lull at the Yojana Bhawan since the Modi government was sworn into office on the 26th of May. Nearly 1,200 people, who are employed at the Planning Commission and its attached offices, have hardly any productive work.

Aadhaar at the Core of Digital India

In India, an inability to prove identity is one of the biggest barriers preventing the poor from accessing benefits and subsidies. Public as well as private sector agencies across the country typically require proof of identity before providing individuals with services – be it opening a bank account, getting a phone connection, travelling in a train, applying for school/ college admission, availing subsidised food grains by the underprivileged, applying for a job etc. This approach is especially unfair to India’s poor and underprivileged residents, who usually lack documentation and find it difficult to meet the costs of multiple verification processes.