#Ravi Shankar Prasad

11 May 2015
Digital Dilemma

It was a prudent move for Prime Minister Narendra Modi to revive the e-governance scheme with renewed vigour. As Gujarat chief minister, he has used IT as a tool to improve governance not just at the top level but also at the grassroots levels. It is the success in Gujarat that emboldened him to implement the e-governance scheme at the national level.

28 Aug 2014
Modi's 'Digital India': A Rs 113,000 Crore Waste?

Mainline media reports are rife with stories on Digital India being a half-baked plan and a waste of taxpayer money. Considering that the first version of India's National e-Governance Plan (2004), and its re-incarnation, by the Kapil SIbal-led Ministry of Communications & IT