Sikkim: Getting 'Smart', Developing Skills


Sikkim has implemented various e-Governance initiatives in order to make service delivery system smart. The State has taken pioneering steps in organic farming and is now focusing on the use of information technology to make the functioning of the government more transparent and efficient. Sikkim is in Emerging category in this year’s SKOCH Governance study. The State won 1 SKOCH Orders-of-Merit.

Key Achievements

With the objective to make skill development process more efficient, transparent and effective, Department of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship has launched Skill Young India portal. The portal www. serves as a system and mechanism for the Skill Mission Teams to implement a convergent, coherent plan of action, with clarity in terms of ownership, outcomes and deliverables to accomplish results in terms of (a) creation of opportunities for self-employment and industrial/community based employment; (b) tangible enhancement of skill levels and core competence; and, (c) a vibrant ecosystem for workforce development, grooming with innovative approaches following progressive paradigms like projectbased learning, life-long learning, online digital selflearning, assessment and certification and recognition of prior learning. These efforts are again to be visible transparently, on the basis of a professional evidence based approach. The automated process serves as a platform for collaboration to connect, to engage and involve stakeholders.

The portal caters to online processes and transactions for information dissemination and service delivery as also for updation of outcomes, progress and results. Industries could post their expected vacancies or manpower demands against various job positions.

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