Assam: Moving Forward for Sanitation, Cleanliness


Assam has taken some impressive steps for sanitation, cleanliness and making the city safer for the common people. Assam has made its place in Emerging category in this year’s SKOCH Governance study. The State won 3 SKOCH Orders-of-Merit and 1 SKOCH Governance award in Gold category.

Key Achievements

Guwahati Municipal Corporation (GMC) has implemented “Project Jyoti - Own Your Street Light” with an objective to provide streetlights in all the lanes and by-lanes of the city. Under this scheme the electricity bill is borne by citizens. Through this innovative step, the Corporation has ensured proper lighting in all parts of the city without incurring financial burden. Under Swachh Bharat initiative, GMC is promoting construction of Public Toilets across the city.

The Corporation has improved Solid Waste Management system through engagement of NGOs. The Corporation has engaged 31 NGOs through transparent bidding process to carry out the solid waste management works in the city. The NGOs are involved in the job of segregated house-to-house collection of waste, street sweeping and user charges collection from the waste generators for the services rendered. The segregated collection of wastes eases burden on the processing and disposal. The efficiency of collection and transportation has undergone a drastic and tremendous change for the betterment of the city. The coverage is almost 100 per cent and the waste does not lie unattended on the roadside. The entire collected waste goes to the landfill site for treatment and disposal. The segregated waste in the piloting wards are treated in-house by means of daily dump, waste to wealth projects. The compost generated is utilised by the inmates only, resulting in the reduction of waste going into the landfill site.

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