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Transformative governance critical for India's growth


New Delhi, 23 September 2015: Transformative governance, both at the front and back ends of the service delivery system, is critically important to push India’s social and economic development, Ashok Chawla, Chairman, Competition Commission of India, said at the 41stSkoch Summit on Wednesday.

“Governance is basic to the life of all of us. Whether it’s in terms of the security that we expect from the government, whether it’s health, education or other sectors… Transformative governance is critical,” Chawla said.

Nearly 500 delegates from across the country, including, union ministers, chief ministers, bureaucrats, industry leaders and academicians are participating in the two-day Summit organised on the theme “Transformative Governance”.

Chawla said there are three critical factors in governance – efficiency, transparency and institutional strength.

He said technology has become the most critical factor in governance. “Very often we confuse good technology just at the front-end. Not just the front-end, back-end processes are also important,” Chawla said highlighting the need for further strengthening the back-end processes.

Sameer Kochhar, Chairman, Skoch Group, highlighted the need of making quality service available to the people at the bottom of the pyramid. He said private sector could play a critical role in making governance better in India as it has done in several other countries across the world.

Addressing the Summit, Ram Sewak Sharma, Chairman, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), said the cost of service delivery in India is still very high and it can be brought down substantially with the use of technology.

Sharma pointed out that India has made remarkable progress in software development and exports, but unfortunately, technology has not been used effectively in public service delivery. “We are very backward in process re-engineering,” he said.

He said Digital India, if implemented properly, could transform the country. “We had several programmes before Digital India also. However, the centrality of technology to the governance that this Digital India programme brings, was not done before,” said Sharma, who played an important role in rolling out of Digital India programme as DoitY Secretary.

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