1st January 2020
Uttarakhand focus on Housing, Livelihood

The state is promoting horticulture and food processing in the primary sector and hydropower

1st January 2020
Mizoram eyes all-round socio-economic development

Mizoram has taken governance initiatives focusing on all-round development

1st January 2020
Nagaland promotes peace through governance initiatives

The state has made efforts to preserve forests and climate

1st January 2020
Sikkim a model of governance in clealiness

First sate to be given the ODF status. Nobody uses plastic, smokes in public or urinates in the open

1st January 2020
Chandigarh an emerging education hub

It is among the best planned city in the country

23rd January 2020
ModiNomics Delivered?

In the last six years since Narendra Modi moved to the Centre, Gujarat itself has by and large lived up to its name and credibility through the Gujarat Model. One of the reasons why this has happened is that most of the reforms during Modi's three terms as chief minister were institutionalised.

4th February 2020
Sujalam Sufalam Jal Abhiyan 2.0

Innovation and common sense have been at the heart of ModiNomics. Project Sujalam Sufalam in Gujarat - which has converted what was once an arid and water stressed state facing repeated draughts into an oasis - is one such example.

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