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Dayanand Prasad is a middleaged man from Nalanda, Bihar. He suffers from Polio but his handicap did not prevent him from becoming a Village Level Entrepreneur (VLE) under the CSC Scheme and enrolling as many as 35,000 people for the UIDAI.

Letter from the Editor

Countdown to elections for the 17th Lok Sabha seems to have started early. The sense of purpose that is normally seen six months or so ahead of the elections is already in the air with a year still to go. Positions are being taken and parleys have started.

INCLUSION Means Taking Every Region Along Growth Path

The three I's of Inclusive Growth, Infrastructure and Innovation are important for India to develop.

Insurance Bedrock of Public Welfare

The socio-economic situation in the country has changed for the better ever since Prime Minister Narendra Modi took charge of India after winning the 2014 elections.

Economists of Leading Think-Tanks on State of Inclusion

It's not often that leading thinktanks that delve into the economic sphere in India get together on any other platform, of course, apart from discussing the annual Union Budget.

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