LIC Influencing Lives

Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) is the largest financial institution in the country with over Rs 25 lakh crore in assets, which is over 15 per cent of India’s GDP of Rs 134 lakh crore. With around Rs 40,000 crore profit, last fiscal, LIC is the most profitable entity in the country, next only to the RBI, which transferred Rs 66,000 crore

Emerging trends in non-life Insurance Sector

The insurance sector in India has seen landmark changes in the last two years in the form of enactment of the Insurance Laws (Amendment) Act, 2015 and the various regulatory changes that have really created an environment in which the insurance sector can grow in a really big way in the coming years.

Cloud and Cognitive Services

In May 2017, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said Artificial Intelligence (AI) would drive human race. It could be debated whether there would be any job left or not. However, experts say there is huge possibility of job creation through AI.

Letter from the Editor

One has always argued for the need of product management when it comes to the government. Civil servants as Product Managers are familiar with the implementation of schemes and are clear about the roadmap. Planning, time, scope and costs are great tools for making strategic decisions that should help them do a good job...

Digital Payments to Digital Economy Road to Success

It is important to note that till few years back the terms like digital transactions, Apps etc, were confined only to the literate and more specifically to the urban population. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has sensed that his ambitious target of 20 billion digital transactions this year and rapidly increasing to 100 billion by 2022

RISK Apreciation AND Decision Making in Indian Financial Sector

One of the greatest risk takers in India’s modern history is Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Through his radical economic reforms, which threw away the conventional piecemeal approach, gave a tight slap to those slumbering under the shadows of economic slump

Financial Inclusion of the Disabled

The Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY has successfully opened nearly 29 crore accounts in the last 30 months of which 17 crore are in rural areas and 12 crore are in urban areas.

MUDRA Scheme: A Game Changer Initiative on Job Creation

Job creation, unarguably, is one of the most critical issues facing not only the Indian economy but also the world as a whole. Job creation is critically important not only from an economic point of view but it also has a wider impact on social indicators such as health and education, and even law and order.

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