SKOCH: eMonetise to Defeat Poverty

Although, there are varying estimates of India’s economic growth slowing down to as low as 6 per cent owing to demonetisation, there are others, which are pegging it at 8 per cent over next few years.

Digital India Digital Economy

There is no country in the world today, which has as much at stake in digital technologies, as India has. One reason for this is that we have the youngest demographics in the world and this young population prefers to transact and communicate digitally. India will be the largest consumer of digital technologies in times to come.

Digital India at a Tipping Point

Digital India has three layers: i) digital infrastructure as a utility to citizens; ii) software and services that are going to ride on this digital infrastructure; and, iii) digital empowerment.

Insurance and Sustainability

Sustainability is something, which every society has to think of. It is no more an academic subject and is being increasingly discussed across sectors by governments worldwide. This is particularly important for a growing economy like India

From Less-Cash to Cashless

India primarily has been a cash economy and less than 5 per cent consumption expenditure besides house rentals etc is through electronic instruments. Since we are 95 per cent cash, we use 4-times as much as cash as other market, be it Brazil, Mexico or South Africa. From the cards perspective, the government has done an incredible job of making sure that either the debit or a credit card is linked to a citizen in one way or the other.

Think as Indians Share, Work with Government to Mitigate Cyber Risks

Internet has been in existence for over two decades but it is only now that we have started talking about its relevance and importance to transactions. It is part of national infrastructure and economy and our financial systems ride on its strengths. We are witnessing a paradigm shift that security was never so important as it is today.

Products, Distribution and Technology

Two decades ago, it was product touted as the king. A decade later, customer became the king asking for a choice of customised products that was available to him. Today, technology is the king. All three have merged to serve the customer better and make the industry grow. Today, the focus is on simplification of processes, which are seamless. A customer is always counting on his clicks.

A Monumental Exercise called Demonetisation

In the short run, a slump is universally accepted. A factual study was carried out by Department of Personnel & Training (DoPT) by sending 81 civil servants to the districts to collect evidence of its impact.

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