Out-of-the-Box Solutions at the Centre

It is widely believed that India's economy is on the move and will be the fastest growing among major economies in 2017. Public Private Partnerships (PPP) will be one of the major growth factors, which in the recent past have been mired by delay in project approvals and land purchases by the government.

Why is India not Doing Well in Social Sector?

It is a matter of concern that India's pace of improving the social indicators is much slower than countries poorer than India, such as Bangladesh and Vietnam.

Preparing Our Cities for the Future

The challenges, which our cities are facing today, are increasingly becoming more complex. Whether it is sudden flooding or drainage disruptions as witnessed recently in some of the big cities bringing life to a standstill, traffic dislocations and poor mobility, lack of decent housing particularly

Make Overdraft Need Based

Sameer Kochhar: What has changed as a result of Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY)?

Preventive Healthcare is the Ultimate Goal

INCLUSION: What is the state of health sector in India?

Biometrics and New Economy

Biometrics and New Economy’ is looked at from the prism of challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in accomplishing a transparent, efficient and speedy payment delivery system leveraging biometric technologies, the Aadhaar identification platform and mobiles.

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