Focus on Small Industries - Best Model for India

Nearly 80 per cent of the country's capital is in big industries, while they provide just around 20 per cent employment. Investment in small industries is just around 20 per cent, while it provide jobs to 80 per cent of the people employed in industries.

Picking up Pace

Across sectors-from Agriculture to Manufacturing to Steel & Mining-a host of measures have been put to address the dismal picture the economy portrayed during previous years. Last year we recorded a 7.6 per cent GDP growth; while the fiscal deficit is as per the budgeted target at 3.9 per cent.

Federal Fiscal Architecture is Transformed Within Two Years

In his assertion, Modi's connotation of 'co-operative federalism' was somewhat similar to the notion advanced in other federations particularly Germany and the US where the concept was used to make sub-national governments work with the federal government to achieve national goals.

De-risking Agriculture: What do Farmers Need?

The Finance Minister Arun Jaitely in his Budget speech (2016-17) expressed a nationís grateful thanks to our farmers for having delivered food security to the country.

Letter from the Editor

This issue of INCLUSION comes to you at the completion of two years of Modi government and also after the histrionics of electronic media anchors and reams of newsprint about glamorous stuff, which is behind us.This issue looks at what have been the real big achievements that will impact the future course of inclusive growth...

Letter from the Editor

Ushering in demonetisation is a masterstroke of Prime Minister Narendra Modi-killing several birds with a single stone-it was freedom at midnight. Most importantly, a strong and significant move/push towards cashless economy-something that has been part of boardroom debates for a long time. Since 2005, SKOCH has been an ardent votary of cashless..

State of Governance

The SKOCH Group has been studying and documenting good governance practices for more than a decade and releasing the Governance Index of India. The effort has always been to bring in direct inputs from the field in the form of case studies, grassroots implementation and policy influences.

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