16th December 2019
Revive and strengthen the role of centre-state engagement mechanism

The history of fiscal federalism in the past has demonstrated that three lists-Union List, State List and the Concurrent List-have somewhat proved malleable and to some extent impractical right from the beginning. There have been many subjects, which were in the domain of states, but were used up by Planning Commission before its abolition, under Article 282 of the Constitution, to create a plethora of Centrally Sponsored Schemes (CSS).

16th December 2019
India Makes Huge Leap Towards Universal Health Coverage

India has made a huge leap towards the universal health coverage with introduction of Ayushman Bharat scheme that ensures comprehensive healthcare to over half of the population at the bottom of the pyramid.

1st January 2020
From The Editor

It is said that policymaking is both an art and a science. It is a complex business. However, there is often a set guideline to assess the policy. It is mostly seen from the state's perspective, keeping input at the core. SKOCH State of Governance is the only initiative that sees a policy from citizen's perspective.

1st January 2020
SKOCH State of Governance 2019

SKOCH State of Governance report is one of the most awaited and discussed publications on the state of governance in the country. The focus on primary data and grassroots level interventions make it unique. This year the traditional frontrunner Gujarat has occupied the top spot, replacing West Bengal that had sprung a surprise in 2018. The report lists the best and the rest of Indian states and UTs on the basis of their performance. The states that performed better in the areas of health and sanitation emerged as leader in the SKOCH State of Governance 2019 rankings.

1st January 2020
Gujarat tops SKOCH State of Governance 2019

The state has continued its growth story with impressive reforms and governance initiatives

1st January 2020
Maharashtra shines on Municipal Governance, Urban Development

Maharashtra's future is tied to its businesses and the state is doing well to recognise their pain points and reduce bottlenecks

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