9th May 2019
Illuminating Andhra Pradesh

Bifurcation of a large state into two is never an easy process. While it comes with the dangers of split resources and lost synergies, it also comes with a small opportunity to shine in its own light. One such opportunity knocked on Andhra Pradesh’s doors in 2014 after Telangana split finally happened. Instead of being bogged down, the state leadership took charge of the reins and turned the state around into a beacon of best practices especially when it comes to the power sector, reports Team Inclusion

9th May 2019
Clean Energy for Sustainable Growth

Development of infrastructure depends on availability and quality of power. Narendra Modi government initiated various programmes to boost the output and reach of power across the country. To ensure a sustainable growth it is imperative to push for clean energy, says Gursharan Dhanjal

9th May 2019
Maheshwari Logistics: Wheels to the Economy

Maheshwari Logistics, a coal and bulk cargo through road transportation logistics company, owns and operates a fleet of more than 100 lorries and trailers. This is in addition to another 5,000 trucks from third party vendors attached to it on a regular basis. During 2018-19, the company transported over 30 lakh tonnes of coal. Given its timely delivery, efficient handling and safe operations, it has become a preferred logistics partner for almost all cement companies in Gujarat and Rajasthan for transporting coal to their plants.

9th May 2019
Maharashtra became power surplus state in last two years

Maharashtra has become one of the largest power producing and consuming states in the country. The state’s importance in the renewables space is also rising day-by-day. To understand the current situation of the power sector, the turnaround of the state discom and the challenges going forward, Team Inclusion spoke with Arvind Singh, Principal Secretary - Energy, Government of Maharashtra.

9th May 2019
Andhra Pradesh's focus is on making power 'smart'

If one needs to understand power situation in Andhra Pradesh, K Vijayanand is the man to approach. Vijayanand is an IAS officer who is the chairman of APTRANSCO and managing director of APGENCO. At the helm of these two mammoths, he practically looks after all the aspects of the power sector in the state. In this conversation, he explains to Team INCLUSION why Andhra Pradesh is doing well and where others can catch up.

9th May 2019
MP cuts Clean Energy Cost through Innovation

Cost is a critical element in the growth of renewable energy. Currently, renewable energy production in India is heavily subsidised. The government provides subsidy to promote the use of clean fuel. However, dependence on subsidy is not sustainable. The companies and organisations must innovate to bring down the cost. Madhya Pradesh has shown the way.

27th May 2019
Financial Literacy Must For Defeating Poverty

18th July 2019

Financial literacy is suffering today from the dogma that it is to be imparted only not-for-profit interest or by media. The reality is that the money is being wasted on English business TV channels preaching to the already financially literate. Advertising is disguised as financial literacy right under the regulatory nose. Let us not forget, the BC model became successful only after my recommendation to allow corporate BCs was accepted.

15th July 2019
Blockchain Meets ModiNomics

When you are 54 and feeling ancient, it is difficult enough to read up on Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence etc to stay relevant, what makes it worse is an appalling lack of use cases on block chain for business - without crypto at that. The book Blockchain for Business really helped me relate the technology to the real world. This is not where the goodies end, it makes a point on explaining how you can use your existing development team and skills to do 80% of the work required in moving your applications to blockchain.

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