Making People walk the Digital Highways: Ravi Shankar Prasad

Digital India's real test will be in bridging the digital divide in India. In a way, Prime Minister's call for improving centre-state relations will be proven by how well the Digital India furthers the cause of federalism. Decentralisation has to be at the core of e-governance strategy.

Aadhaar Incentivised

Having realised that not-for-profit nature of financial inclusion schemes was what did not let it take off, the governments have finally decided to incentivize Aadhaar enrolment, the largest identity scheme, they are banking on to tag host of social sector plans with...

Disruptive Technologies will bridge Digital Divide

R Chandrashekar, President, NASSCOM, in conversation with Sameer Kochhar, Editor-in-Chief, INCLUSION

Biometric Identity

A debate has been raging in India since Manmohan Singh government broadened the sphere of MNIC (Multi-purpose National Identity Cards) to National Population Register (NPR) appending into it a biometrics-based..

Creating Global Standards

Ajay Kumar, Joint Secretary, DeitY, Ministry of Communication & IT and Director General, National Informatics Centre in conversation with Sameer Kochhar, Editor-in-Chief, INCLUSION

Cards to Nowhere!

Ranjana Sadashiv Sonawane (41) is a disillusioned woman. The mother of three children, Ranjana, who made headlines in September last year when Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Congress President Sonia Gandhi traveled to Tembhli...

Regulating the Regulators

Regulating the regulators appears to be the new mantra that the Central Government is pushing forward in its effort to exercise greater control over the country's...

21 Decisions, 1 Cabinet Meeting: Reforms In-Situ

Global rating agencies like Fitch, S&P and Moody's have all hailed the Government's reforms initiatives but await evidence of implementation of the measures on the ground and how the economy reacts. While the Government has demonstrated gall and courage, is the Industry excited?...

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