11 May 2015
Digital Dilemma

It was a prudent move for Prime Minister Narendra Modi to revive the e-governance scheme with renewed vigour. As Gujarat chief minister, he has used IT as a tool to improve governance not just at the top level but also at the grassroots levels. It is the success in Gujarat that emboldened him to implement the e-governance scheme at the national level.

8 Oct 2014
Lust for TRPs may lead to an Indo-Pak War

Barely has the Modi government started to find its feet trying to reverse the terrible economic conditions inherited from the UPA II, getting the focus of the world towards India as an investment destination; that an emerging war like situation (should a war breaks out) fears to plunge the country into an unprecedented economic depression. If the spectre of an imminent war looms large, does anyone realise, who will be the most affected - the poor of India.

3 Oct 2014
Modi's clean India towards prosperity

Circa 4th February 1916. Mahatma Gandhi visited Kashi Vishwanath temple and all along walked through filth. He also spoke at the inauguration of the Banaras Hindu University at the invitation of its founder Madan Mohan Malaviya and because he was not pleased with the experience in the holy city, he said, "Is not this great temple a reflection of our own character?"

24 Sep 2014
'Cheeni Kum' in Hindi-Chini Bhai Bhai

Scenario I: Chinese President Xi Jinping has just finished his state visit to India and has asked the People's Liberation Army (PLA) to be ready for war, but also says India needn't be suspicious. This, when the Indian and Chinese troops are engaged in a high-altitude military face-off at Chumar in eastern Ladakh!

12 Sep 2014
Poor healthcare will paralyse GDP targets

India wants to take lead in BRICS, become the favoured destination for FDI, aims to reduce poverty below 20 per cent, skill develop its demographic dividend, financially and digitally include all households and targets to become a higher middle-income country by 2025. But when it comes to healthcare, the situation is not as promising.

2 Sep 2014
Modi shops for bullet trains, smart cities in Japan

Modi's vision of advanced cities to benefit from latest in both information and infra-technolgies has begun to take shape with the Ministry of Urban Development having identified the locations.

26 Aug 2014
Economists beg Arun Jaitley for a 'job'

Equating economists to a "trade union" who have been very active during the past two months for not being able to find any job in the government, Sanjaya Baru, former media advisor to past Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, hoped that the recent names circuiting the press circles turn out to be true. He wondered as much as the others including, Bibek Debroy and Rajiv Kumar as to why jobs are not being given to economists?

18 Aug 2014
RBI becoming an American university frat

Autonomy of institutions is the key to federal structures that also helps prevent them from becoming absolute. The recent spate of incidents leading to a tug-of-war over the appointment of a 'COO' being insisted by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and resisted by the Ministry of Finance (MoF) points differently and questions the fundamentals of our federal ethos.

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