#Vijay Kelkar

27 March 2015
Second generation reformists pass baton to the third generation

India is promising an ambitious third generation economic and governance reform. For all of us who want to see a richer, freer and more confident India, we can only hope that they succeed and not lose steam. The change of government in 2014 has brought about a new wave of optimism, rising from the belief that the moment for India to make better progress on the kind of reforms that the country needs - and deserves - has finally arrived.

9 Feb 2015
An Ode to Ramachandra Guha - Celebrating acidity

Pomposity, self-righteousness and intellectual arrogance are hallmarks of quite a few from the privileged classes who have a Doon School and St Stephen's combination as their educational backgrounds, having been brought up in aBara Sahib environment, they consider themselves a superior caste to those who have toiled their way up, and horror of horrors are in a position to flaunt it.

20 Oct 2014
Arvind Subramanian: the man who advocated a Noah's ark of Fx reserves to steer clear of future financial tsunami

The post of Chief Economic Adviser is often mired with controversy - some look it as just a finance minister's aide while others perceive it as the government's chief economic trouble-shooter. Whichever way you look at it, the new CEA Arvind Subramanian's task will not be that cushy considering his own predictions about the Indian economy soon after the Lehman crisis of 2008.