07 January 2016
Letter from the Editor

A heartening development in the Indian politics in the recent years is, increasing focus on governance. Elections have been contested and won on the plank of "good governance." States are trying to outdo each other in implementation of good governance practices.

13 April 2015
Settling India's Growth Potential

India's Growth Resurgence: Sectoral Issues and Governance Risks, jointly authored by Yerram Raju, M Sitarama Murthy and Subbaiah Singala looks into detail on the frontal sectoral issues and governance risks, India is facing as a leading emerging economy.

Indian cities on the radar of global investors but rules must be conducive

In 1947, when we gained Independence, the biggest challenge in front of us was the security of the nation. It was a huge and a difficult task. And many believed that India would not be able to keep its political integrity intact.

8 Dec 2014
The Election that Changed India

Seasoned journalist Rajdeep Sardesai's 2014:The Election that Changed India is compiled to give the perspective and remedial thoughts, how elections in India are now much more complex than the conventional tussle of ballets.

16 Oct 2014
Crony Capitalist Pulls and Pressures are off

Whenever I meet senior bureaucrats at the centre, I always ask one question. So what has changed with the Modi Government? Almost in unison the single biggest change that they talk about is that all crony capitalist pulls and pressures are off and now they actually feel that they are working for India and not for a person. There is a new - found sense of empowerment and most believe that the government will stand behind their decisions and they would not be hauled over hot coals for bona fide mistakes.

7 Oct 2014
Hamlet, Haider and National Informatics Centre (NIC)

To be or not to be is a question being posed in context of NIC for long. When Secretary, DeitY says that NIC does not have even a fraction of capacity to implement 'Digital India' as envisaged by the Prime Minister, the statement can either be read as a criticism of NIC or a prelude to unleashing an NIC invigoration plan this may help NIC to evolve as a formidable information systems organisation that any country would be proud of.

1 Oct 2014
India's Administrative System: An Unresponsive Frontier

It was felt and highlighted that the 'policy paralysis' and lack of reform impetus in macroeconomic policies led to the downward spiral in the business and mass sentiments, eventually led to an alarming level of deceleration in economic growth. The UPA-II regime was blamed for that, which was justified to an extent too, but somewhere there is a need is to see the real stumbling blocks.

15th July 2019
Blockchain Meets ModiNomics

When you are 54 and feeling ancient, it is difficult enough to read up on Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence etc to stay relevant, what makes it worse is an appalling lack of use cases on block chain for business - without crypto at that. The book Blockchain for Business really helped me relate the technology to the real world. This is not where the goodies end, it makes a point on explaining how you can use your existing development team and skills to do 80% of the work required in moving your applications to blockchain.