Sikkim's Focus on Education, Organic Farming


Sikkim has taken path-breaking initiatives in organic farming. The state has also implemented innovative measures in education and e-Governance. Sikkim bagged two SKOCH Orders-of-Merit and one award in Platinum category.

Key Achievements
Temi Tea Estate of the Government of Sikkim has implemented e-Governance and International Quality Standards for organic agro value added industry for sustainable economic development. This e-Governance initiative in high elevation Orthodox Black Tea has helped in bringing transparency, efficiency, effectiveness, speed and overall capacity enhancement. At the first stage, a new thrust was created to re-build the brand Temi as a Global Category Organic brand. For this, a product offering mix has been created using four lead organic products – tea, lemon grass, ginger and chamomile. New technology is used extensively to market the product globally. The use of information technology has led to seamless migration of payroll system, taxation invoices and stock management. Farmers now get assured buyers and immediate payments.

Sikkim State Science and Technology Council and Skill Mission Team of Sikkim have jointly set up an online knowledge repository and It serves as a collaboration and transactional platform for skill aspirants, entrepreneurs, start-ups and budding professionals.

Embedded features and functionality in the portal enables authoring of contents, contributions, invoking process automation for review and approval for authentication, acknowledgement, validation of uploaded/reviewed or modified contents for quality and acceptability. The portal subscribes to the paradigm of open innovation, which is becoming increasingly relevant in the current scenario.

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