Meghalaya: Commendable Efforts in Financial Reforms


Meghalaya has taken innovative steps to promote savings and make financial transactions more transparent and efficient. The state bagged two SKOCH Orders-of-Merit and one award in Gold category. Meghalaya is in the CATCHING-UP category in this year’s SKOCH State of Governance study.

Key Achievements
Meghalaya has implemented New Defined Pension Scheme. The system has been fully computerised with the help of National Informatics Centre, Meghalaya. The new system has been seamlessly integrated with State Employee Database Project for fetching employee’s information such as subscriber’s profile and contributions details. The information retrieved is validated by the operator and stored into the NPS Database.

Meghalaya, along with the other North Eastern states, faces challenges along various fronts during implementation of e-Services due to the topography and diversity of the population from all facets. In the endeavour of establishing a robust and flexible infrastructure set-up for rolling out various e-Governance services, Meghalaya government has taken steps to expedite the implementation of e-Services and to get them fully operational. A number of e-Services have been launched to bring the government services to the doorstep of the people.

Meghalaya Employees Information System has brought a change the way Government of Meghalaya processed and disbursed salaries to its employees. This is an efficient checking mechanism that prevents the offices to recruit and pay casual employees without the approval of the Appointment Authority as the system is based on onepost- one employee rule. The state government is able to streamline the processes through the new system.

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