Bihar: Commendable Steps by Municipalities


Municipalities in Bihar have taken commendable steps to improve cleanliness and safety and security in the cities. There have also been innovative measures in solid waste management. With four SKOCH Orders-of- Merit, Bihar is placed in CATCHING–UP category in this year’s State of Governance study.

Key Achievements
Bodhgaya has become the first Nagar Panchayat in Bihar to implement e-Municipality. Different services provided by the municipal body have been digitalised. Implementation of this crucial e-Governance initiative has increased efficiency of various related functions of the municipal body. Revenue has increased immensely. The system has become more transparent and accountability has increased. This has helped in building trust between citizens and urban local body.

With an objective to make the city open defecation free, Nagar Panchayat Bodhgaya is promoting the construction of community toilets. Community toilets have been constructed in every ward. These toilets have been allocated to under-privileged families who do not have access to toilet facilities nor do they have the required land for construction of individual toilets.

As part of its strategy for effective solid and liquid waste management, Nagar Panchayat Bodhgaya has started door-to-door collection with segregation at source, transportation and composting of wastes.

Patna Municipal Corporation has set up an integrated solid waste management system through Public Private Partnership mode. The process includes the collection and transportation of solid waste, development of regional municipal solid waste to energy (electricity) and scientific land filling facility. Specialised agencies have been engaged in this procedure with effective roster, route chart duty and responsibility demarcation.

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