Arunachal Pradesh: Increasing Use of New Technology in Governance


Arunachal Pradesh is increasingly using new technology to make governance more transparent and efficient. The state is pushing for the use of new technologies at different layers of the government. With nine SKOCH Orders-of-Merit and one award, Arunachal Pradesh is categorised as PERFORMER state. The state bagged one award in Silver category.

Key Achievements
Arunachal Pradesh has taken a number of innovative e-Governance initiatives. The state bagged six SKOCH Orders-of-Merit in e-Governance category. It won one SKOCH Order-of-Merit and one award in Labour category. The state also bagged one SKOCH Order-of-Merit in Governance & Development and District Administration each.

Arunachal Pradesh is only the second state in India smoothly running e-Cabinet with paperless system. This system allows ministers to prepare for cabinet meetings, conduct them and review minutes of the meeting through the Internet.

Getting Inner Line Permit (ILP) to travel into the protected area of Arunachal Pradesh used to be an uphill task. The government has made the system electronic under the e-Inner Line Permit scheme. Inner Line Permit is an official travel document issued by the Government of India to allow inward travel of an Indian citizen into the protected area for a limited period. ILPs are now issued in a hassle free electronic format in the form of e-ILPs. The electronic ILP is protected by two layers of security – one is user generated password and the other is system generated SMSbased One Time Password (OTP).

Labour and Employment Department has set up Employment Bank Portal. It is an interactive platform among three parties – job seekers, employers and placement agencies. The platform enables online enrolment of job seekers, employers and educational institutions. It can help the job seekers to search suitable employment as per their qualification. It also enables institutions to help deserving candidates apply for jobs suiting their skill sets and qualifications. It brings recruiters and job seekers on a common platform and helps the state in generating employment in an organised fashion.

The government has introduced Arunanchal m-Seva to provide citizen centric services through mobile. Mobile governance of Arunachal Pradesh involves mobile enablement of 21 services from 12 service categories engaging eight line departments–land management, disaster management, labour and employment, health, social welfare, tourism etc.

To ensure effective and timely redressal of the grievances of the common people, the government has set up Centralised Public Grievance Redressal and Monitoring System. People can lodge their grievances at online portal. From the centralised portal called CM Helpline, the grievances are forwarded to the concerned departments for taking action. The system intimates the citizen via a text SMS that their grievance has been registered and they would be notified once it is solved.

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