A Reforms-Oriented Budget

K G Karmakar, 3 March 2015
Before attempting to analyse the agricultural component of the Budget, the huge leakage of funds in subsidies supposed to be for the common man but which is diverted to those who do not require them, needs to be stopped. The Rs. 3.8 lakh crore subsidy bill does not include:
1) The massive diesel subsidy for the transport sector;
2) The mis-directed fertiliser subsidy for manufacturers; and,
3) The water subsidy, which is really for everyone except the poor
While the much-criticised PDS delivering food grains and other staples to the poor is supposed to be the most efficient purveyor of subsidies, the tribal people who need subsidised food grains and staples the most, do not get these, as these are mostly cornered by the urban poor.   Full Article


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