How India can get rid of poverty in the next 10-15 years

Key Recommendations of the book - Defeating Poverty: Jan Dhan and Beyond

Sameer Kochhar , 8 Dec 2014
Ever since we started our initiatives on financial inclusion, it was crystal clear that financial inclusion without poverty alleviation is a meaningless exercise. If that be the case, the next question is how to attain the goal at the earliest and at the lowest possible cost. Here, I must say that the three things-social inclusion, financial inclusion and digital inclusion-are inter-linked, and if one is missing, the other two cannot happen. Incidentally, most of the flaws that I pointed out in my book titled Speeding Financial Inclusion (2009), eventually came true during the course of implementation of the financial inclusion initiative including the Swabhimaan scheme in 2011. Some of the mistakes are being repeated as the Jan Dhan is being rolled out.   Full Article


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