10 Sep 2014
Piyush Goyal's dream of 24x7 power supply

Power Minister Piyush Goyal wants to resolve the electricity crisis, which is mounting every passing day. Moreover, he has promised 24X 7 power supplies to a few states including New Delhi, Rajasthan, and Andhra Pradesh. How would he fulfill this dream? If the supply of coal is the main hindrance then he has yet another plan to double coal production from present 500 MT to 1 billion Tonnes in the next four years.

2 Sep 2014
Modi shops for bullet trains, smart cities in Japan

Modi's vision of advanced cities to benefit from latest in both information and infra-technolgies has begun to take shape with the Ministry of Urban Development having identified the locations.

National Insurance: Leading in Motor Insurance

National Insurance Company (NIC) has been the most preferred choice for Motor Insurance since 1906. Over the years, NIC has retained this leadership in insurance market with a consistent share ranging from 15 per cent to 17 per cent of the industry's motor insurance portfolio. Today, 48 per cent of the company's gross revenue comes only from the motor segment...

Role Of Private Sector In Urban Development

Private participation is a must for bridging the gaps in basic facilities in urban areas. States have to be pro-active in laying down clearly how the local bodies and parastatals can pursue the agenda of seeking increased private participation and policies in this regard have to be stated clearly...

Devolution of Powers and The Panchayats

Despite many well thought-out, detailed guidelines and advisories, and messages from none other than the Prime Minister, the pace of devolution of powers to the panchayats has been slow and patchy...

Have States And Cities Improved After JNNURM

After years of limited interest in the urban agenda, the JNNURM reflects a significant shift in public policy towards delivery of urban services. It is now increasingly being emphasised that just funding asset creation is not enough, it has to go hand-in-hand with improved management of assets by accountable service provider agencies...

Bundle Urban Development With Agenda Of Growth

Growth cannot happen if conditions are not created in which people can innovate and be productive. We need to make our cities livable and attractive for innovators and investors...

A Budget for Rural India

This budget is not about financial markets, not about reforms, not about kick- starting the economy and is also not about banking reforms and what have you. This is a solid budget for Rural India and if the rural economy is safe, India's economic growth is not in doubt. This budget is aimed largely at Rural India and we need to look at it from a rural perspective and it begins to make sound economic sense. There are a whole lot of goodies for the rural sector...

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