15th July 2019
Blockchain Meets ModiNomics

When you are 54 and feeling ancient, it is difficult enough to read up on Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence etc to stay relevant, what makes it worse is an appalling lack of use cases on block chain for business - without crypto at that. The book Blockchain for Business really helped me relate the technology to the real world. This is not where the goodies end, it makes a point on explaining how you can use your existing development team and skills to do 80% of the work required in moving your applications to blockchain.

18th July 2019
ModiNomics 2.0 Agenda

18th July 2019

Macroeconomic stability is a precondition for growth. While, the key macroeconomic indicators pose no significant challenges at the moment, there's never any room for complacency. Recent episodes such as the rupee's fast-paced depreciation in 2018 are a useful reminder of how sudden shocks, such as on account of a spike in oil prices, quickly bring into play structural factors-of which the main factor is the economy's dependence on net oil imports-sending macroeconomic parameters into the 'worry' zone.

18th July 2019
Cybersecurity - Strategy, Protection and Awareness

18th July 2019

The global cybersecurity threat landscape today is scary. As a nation, we are losing almost 2.5 per cent of our GDP to cybercrimes. This loss is almost equal to our defence budget of roughly Rs 200,000 crore.

16th September 2019
Whose Data is it Anyway?

All the legislation and debates around data in the recent years have centered around localisation and privacy. These are important but not the core issues. The real issue today is how do we tap the economic value accruing from data and maintain our economic sovereignty. Data is often termed as the “new oil”. Oil has been the key source of wealth creation and development of several countries in the last 5-6 decades. Some countries in the Gulf region that have judiciously used their fossil fuel resources have managed to create excellent infrastructure and their per capita income today is amongst the highest in the world. In the coming decades, the wealth creation is not going to be determined by ‘oil’ but by ‘data’. India, a country of 1.3 billion people, is richly endowed with ‘data’. The main focus of the policy intervention around data should be on how to turn it into wealth.

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