The Great Poverty Debate

Estimates of poverty are highly debated today. How do we measure the 'other India' which is still mired in poverty, without access to basic services? It is time...

'Employment generation is my priority'

Ensuring jobs for poor, especially women, is my top priority for Pilibhit as a Member of Parliament in the Lok Sabha from this constituency. Financial inclusion initiative under Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana will prove to be very useful. But this is only one step.

9th May 2019
The Macroeconomic Agenda For the New Government

Macroeconomic stability is a precondition to sustain high economic growth. In the run-up to the general elections a lot of promises have been made on social and economic front. Those promises are bound to impact the macroeconomic situation of the country. There are indications of fiscal slippages and rise in unemployment. The country remains extremely vulnerable to oil price shocks. The new government must kick-start investments, reform industrial policies with focus to promote MSME and job generative growth, writes Sameer Kochhar

27th May 2019
Financial Literacy Must For Defeating Poverty

18th July 2019

Financial literacy is suffering today from the dogma that it is to be imparted only not-for-profit interest or by media. The reality is that the money is being wasted on English business TV channels preaching to the already financially literate. Advertising is disguised as financial literacy right under the regulatory nose. Let us not forget, the BC model became successful only after my recommendation to allow corporate BCs was accepted.

18th July 2019
Financial Literacy Needs Regulatory Help

18th July 2019

Unlike hunger, need for financial literacy is not self-evident. If it was, there would have been no need for it to start with. Financial literacy requires mobilisation, counselling, classroom training with the relevant content and pedagogy. There seems to be an impression that all this can be achieved in batches of 80 being mobilised by one extension worker for Rs. 4,500 or Rs. 56.25 per head for four hours of classroom training. What was the cost of opening a bank account or issuing an Aadhaar compared to this? The thought itself under-resources the programme for failure.

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