Ideating 3rd generation reforms

irca July 2008: In a path-breaking move the Union Government allows select private players to manage public pension funds.

Inflation hits urban poor harder

Inflation the world over has few friends, but it certainly has none amongst the urban poor. For, while the countryside may get some returns from spiralling food prices – it is the intermediaries who reap the harvest – that result from inflation, the urban poor have only to pay more, coming as they do at the end of the food chain.

Towards Inclusive insuranace

Winds of change have started to creep in India’s insurance sector with more and more companies revisiting their client and product portfolios to cater to the hitherto untapped rural population. This move towards ‘inclusive insurance’ is not just driven by social compulsion, but by the realisation that there is a huge area of ‘unmet demand’ for insurance products in the country.

Adopting a ‘whole village approach’

Radha Devi, of Malmatha village in Dungarpur district in Rajasthan is a busy woman. She weighs two kilos of rice for a customer, gives a packet of salt to another and hands a toffee to a small girl who has come to buy a matchbox.

Branchless banking

As you leave the city and start travelling in the hinterland of the Indian countryside, you’ll realise one thing if you observe a little closely the habitations you pass through. It is the lack of banks; a large part of rural India remains unbanked. Now just think:

Planting Hopes

NABARD in 1995 launched a development initiative in parts of Gujarat and Maharashtra. Financed by a German government bank, this initiative came to be known as the Wadi project and was spread over 251 villages. This area of Gujarat where NABARD ran the programme has now been converted into a Wadi, which means a small orchard.


Rajesh Kashyap, a student at the Government Model School in Bhiwani is busy burning midnight oil. Less than two weeks remain before he will be joining thousands of students, who like him will be appearing for the XII Standard State Board Examinations.

Knowledge Gets Top Biling

The month of June saw knowledge sharing emerging as a critical catalyser in meeting the goals of inclusive growth with the release of three knowledge repositories by Skoch Consultancy Services.

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