Open source is not an IT solution but a development model

Virtualisation is the future of the operating system because it is not just virtualisation to abstract computing cycles. Conceptually, when you start saying that cycles are abstracted away from how they are delivered, it opens a world of possibilities.

Connectivity key to better service delivery

The MCGM (Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai) has set an example for other urban local bodies by introducing IT initiatives that focus on providing best civic services to its citizens.

Window of opportunity at Tineri

Lower castes did not have any bank account in this village. But Punjab National Bank (PNB) came here with Zero Mass Foundation and today over Rs 500,000 has been deposited in the village bank.

Touching lives

Nanuben started life as an agricultural labourer in village Mehsana, district of Gujarat. She and her husband both were earning Rs 3 per day. Due to irregular work, they decided to migrate to Ahmedabad city in search of work.

Life Beyond Pilots

In more than 1,000 milk collection centres in Anand district of Gujarat, women take the milk to a weighbridge, the fat quantity is assessed and payment immediately calculated. Middlemen have been effectively sidelined.


The inclusion bandwagon is on the move. And in a world that is getting smaller by the day, it is information technology that is playing a critical role in bringing the marginalised into the mainstream.

PRIs Key to Land Acquisition, Relief & Rehabilitation

The Resettlement and Rehabilitation Bill 2007 represents a major paradigm shift in the process of acquisition of land. However, this shift will remain incomplete till so long as the Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs) are not actively associated with the process of land acquisition, resettlement and rehabilitation at its every stage.

For smooth interoperability

To achieve the promise of the Internet era, interoperability is an absolute essential. Interoperability between products is required to reduce complexity for customers and allow them to focus on creating strategic advantage rather than solving the issues that arise when information technology systems donít work together well. They can share data between disparate data sources and multiple applications.

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